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22pj.com:Taiwan's unemployment rate up in June

Updated: 07 25 , 2017 13:56
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TAIPEI, July 24 -- Taiwan's unemployment rate rose to 3.74 percent in June as new graduates poured into the job market, the island's statistics agency said Monday.

The figure was 0.08 percentage points higher month on month, according to the authority.

There were around 440,000 unemployed people in Taiwan in June, 9,000 more than May.

Up to 2,000 more people became unemployed due to the end of seasonal or temporary contracts or dissatisfaction with jobs in June than in May. Those who became unemployed due to business closures or downsizing reduced by 2,000 in June, said the agency.

The unemployment rate of people with a junior college degree or higher was 4.02 percent in June.

In terms of age, the unemployment rate of the 15-24 age group was highest at 11.91 percent, followed by the 25-29 age group at 6.54 percent.

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